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Brugg Pipesystems UK Ltd
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Brugg Pipesystems UK Ltd
Brugg Pipesystems UK Ltd (formerly PIPE 2000) has over 25 years experience of pipe systems for heating, cooling and safe transportation of various liquids. We are specialists and the exclusive supplier in the U.K. of the complete and comprehensive range of Pre-insulated pipes and fittings for temperatures up to 180°C & pressures up to 25 bar. - all delivered to your exact requirements direct to site.

Calpex district heating pipe is the registered trade name for a flexible pipe system from Brugg Pipe Systems, specifically designed for the low temperature use. It is ideal for use in small and midsize district and local heating networks, in industrial and agricultural applications, for drinking water supplies, sewage systems, cooling systems and swimming pool installations.
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PIPE2000 now have a range of flexible stainless steel pipes for use with all systems, including heating, hot and cold water services, chilled water and other suitable fluids. Pipes are available as pre-insulated jointless systems, offering substantial savings over more conventional pipe systems requiring welding and the application of insulation on site. Casaflex® is typically designed for systems using medium to high temperature water and is available in sizes from 20mm to 100mm (3/4” to 4” Bsp). The pipes are exceptionally well insulated with CFC and HCFC-free flexible polyurethane foam with a tough outer casing of polyethylene, which forms a continuous impenetrable barrier when used below or above ground.
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