Trench Heaters

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Kampmann Trench Heaters
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Kampmann is your reliable partner when it comes to technically pioneering systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. Kampmann. Exactly my kind of climate. Genau mein Klima.

Meinertz Trench Heaters
Meinertz Trench Heaters >>
Designing high-end space heating solutions - If you want the radiator to be an integrated part of the architecture – and not just a standard solution ... - If you want the convector to be integrated into the window solutions without disturbing the view in or out ... - If you want minimalist floor panels to heat rooms with tall perspectives ... - If you´re looking for simplicity and elegance, or the raw and rustic look ... – then MEINERTZ has just what you need. Radiators and convectors. Convection grilles and comfort panels. Smooth and finned tubes. All our solutions are custom solutions

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